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Kathy Gamch

Assistant VP-Sales

(408) 873-4009

About Kathy...

Kathy Gamch is proud and honored to say she’s going on her 22nd year at Chicago Title. The longevity and loyalty speaks volumes about who she is, her work ethic, and the company she works for! 

Kathy works hard each and every day and strives to do her best by constantly staying up to date on the industry and the ever changing needs of her clients. She genuinely listens to their needs and finds products and solutions to help them expand their business. She continues to evolve and grow with the times and that has allowed her to thrive no matter what the market brings.  

Kathy was recently honored for being ranked in the Top 2% of the nation for her company! Personally, Kathy’s greatest pride is that of her family.  Her Portuguese heritage has given her a zest for family.  She shares a wonderful life with her husband and children in which she is immensely proud of.  She has also been recently blessed with grandchildren!   Kathy has done a beautiful job of demonstrating to all who know her, the value of hard work, loyalty and the responsibility of giving back. She continues to campaign for causes dear to her, such as the Greater Bay Area Make a Wish Foundation, and also walks each year to help find a cure for Cancer.

If you want to surround yourself with loyalty, efficiency & success, Kathy Gamch is truly a stellar choice for you!